"Torch what you love" but Safety is extremely important. There are so many things that can happen when dealing with an open flame. Click on the images to get a bit more information. Please be careful, so you can enjoy the craft for as long as possible!

Make sure your studio setup is safe and allows for breathing and moving space. Make sure that the room is as fire proof as you can make it.

Make sure your lungs are also protected from the small particles that are emitted when working with glass. Small particle masks are great for this.

Your eyes and face are next. You should have a pair of glasses or facemask with didymium lenses and shade 3 or 5 lenses.

Make sure your equipment functions properly. Check your hoses and valves regularily. Don't be afraid to replace them :)

Your hands and arms are your biggest tool, ensure you have the proper fire protection in those areas.

Ventilation is key. There are so many fumes that the glass releases, make sure the air is properly circulating.